If you want to get to know me, or perhaps have a few initial questions answered, then read on below:


What style of writing/books/comics do you like best?

Oh, I like bits and pieces of many genres, there isn't one set style or type of written work that I like best. I love well written novels. I'm a HUGE Sherlock Holmes fan, so I suppose my favourite books are Holmes books (and movies, TV shows etc.), be they the official canon by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle or some of the better written pastiches (eg. those by Barrie Roberts, Donald Thomas, Val Andrews and John Hall). I'm also a very big fan of Agatha Christie's Poirot series of books (and movies, TV shows etc.). I like adventure books, fantasy books, science fiction books, pulp novels (such as the Spider, the Shadow etc.), comic books, even children's books (the Hardy Boys, Three Investigators, Harry Potter etc.). I also like a large variety of non-fiction work (books about Jack the Ripper, Arthur Conan Doyle, Winston Churchill, Frederick Barbarossa and many, many more). I also enjoy reading film screenplays (particularly superhero films), magazines, newspapers and more. My favourite comic book? Again, I have many favourites, but I guess my favourite style is the comic book from the 70s-early 80s, with the work of the 50s and 60s just a slight rung below. What all these eras have in common is the vast amount of fun, of pure entertainment, comics supplied during those times, and which seems mostly lost from the industry today.


Who are your favourite authors?

Well, some are listed above, but my favourites are as follows (not in order): Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Barrie Roberts, Donald Thomas, David Stuart Davies, Agatha Christie, Ron Fortier, Bobby Nash and others.


Where do you get your ideas from?

Life. From my wife Jennifer and our daughter Emma, from work, from friends, from what I read, from what I see. As others far more famous and eloquent than I have long said...if you wish to write about life, you need to experience it. Travel, read everything you can get your hands on. Enlighten yourselves on subjects beyond your limited interests. Open your eyes to the world, not just what's happening in your own backyard.


Where did you get the idea for The Wraith?

The Wraith is my way of combining the worlds of the pulp novel with that of the kinds of comic book that I grew up reading in the 70s and 80s--for example, the superb comic books written by the likes of Dennis O'Neil, Steve Englehart, Len Wein, Gerry Conway and Marv Wolfman. Being a huge fan of both forms of literature, I thought it might be a cool thing to try and combine the two, and that's how The Wraith was born in 1998. As the years went on, and I became more and more disillusioned with the current comic book storytelling from the major publishers (DC & Marvel), I was able to fully flesh out the character and decided to make a go of it in the comic book and prose novel arena. Since then I've done several comic books, novels, non-fiction works, a live-action movie and now we have action figures, maquettes, t-shirts, jigsaw puzzles and much, much more. The sky's the limit!


What are you working on now? Are you available for work? What are your shipping fees in your Online Store?

Writing Kingdom, the sixth Wraith novel in the series, as well as the spin-off novel, Lady Wraith, and a series of The Wraith maquettes, action figures and POP vinyls for sale in 2019. Beyond those, I intend further installments in the adventures of The Wraith, Starflame, and the Global Protectors. As you can see, there is plenty of work ahead. With the birth of my new baby, finding the spare time is always the issue.


I am definitely available for work, be it library or writing work. But please understand: I am first and foremost a librarian. I write in my spare time, and my writing in no way interferes with my library duties. I write more or less depending on how many hours I work in any library job I may have at the time. That will never change. For anyone interested in hiring me or talking to me about work, please use this site's Contact page to get in touch with me. Thank you.

Domestic (within Australia) shipping fees are $5AU while shipping internationally is $30AU (that's less in $US). Yes, shipping overseas is a little costly, but that's a reality of life I'm afraid. As an independent creator, I can't afford to charge below cost for shipping the way Amazon et al are able to. But, you'll always get a better deal with me, overall, as my items are signed and feature little extras here and there that Amazon etc. CANNOT match.